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Places of Interest

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Old RC Church Building It is not certain whether this church is the first... Read more
Palmiste Beach The Palmiste beach is not only one of the many scenic... Read more
Belvidere Ruins Remains of the Belvidere settlement of Julien... Read more
St. John's Christian Secondary.. Known as the Revolution Hall, it is said that this estate... Read more
Old hotel Building at Gouyave This house is known locally to many people as a family... Read more
Concord Waterfalls The Concord River is known as one of the most powerful... Read more
Melrose House Always admired for its architecture, this building... Read more
Halifax Harbour\Petite Harve Halifax Harbour historically known as Petit Harve meaning... Read more
Janet House Once a common site, these houses known as Janet Pre-Cut... Read more
Gouyave Nutmeg Station The largest nutmeg receiving station in Grenada, this... Read more
Rose Mount Great House Dates back to the French and early British settlement... Read more
Gouyave Anglican Church The Anglican Church owned the greater portion of lands in... Read more
Palmiste Dig Located or lying at the south of the Mount Granby... Read more
Dougladston Estate & Barracks This estate is not only the last of its kind in Grenada... Read more
The L'Anse Historically known as the L'anse Gouyave, this area is... Read more

About Gouyave

Gouyave, known to many as the town that never sleeps, or action city, got its name from the English Queen, married to King George III, Queen Charlotte. Today, you can still hear people refer to Gouyave as Charlotte town. During the French control of the island, the town's name was changed to Gouyave because of the vast amount of Guava trees that was growing at the time. Read More

Gogouyave Videos

ONLY IN GOUYAVE, Osra funeral 23rd Feb 2010

Kirani James interview with Transworld Sport

Gouyave Good Friday. Tradition of beating Judas on Good Friday continues


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